Student Life

“A School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside”

– Lon Watters

Life at Plenum

Students at Plenum get ample exposure to academics, co-curricular activities and sport. Their daily schedule is meticulously planned to make the most of their learning. Read the following diary entry to know about the schedule:

Dear diary,

Today was my first day away from mumma and papa. I’m sharing my room with my new best friends Rohan and Harshit. We became friends because they shared chocolates with me yesterday.

This morning, a loud trumpet woke us up at 6 o’clock. We brushed our teeth and got dressed really fast for the morning yoga session. At 7:30, we had very yummy breakfast – my favorite scrambled eggs & chocolate milk. Following a morning assembly, our classes started at 8:30.

I made many new friends and my teachers were very nice. English Miss gave me candy for giving a good introduction. They gave us fruits and juice in the break. We studied about human body. Science Miss showed us a model of the respiratory system. It was fun learning that.

We all shared our favorite dishes during lunch at 1. After resting, we had an Activities class – my favorite! We all tried different activities. Me and Harshit tried dancing and Rohan tried singing. It was very funny. Then we played football in sports class. I scored 2 goals! That was followed by Astachal. We climbed a hill and observed silence for a few minutes during the sunset. That reminded me of my trip to Phuket with my family. I was calm and it felt safe. It felt like home.

We had chicken steak and broccoli for dinner. Surprisingly, I really liked broccoli here. I really liked my first day at my new school.

We are very tired now, and we are going to sleep. The lights will be off in 30 minutes at nine o’clock.

Good night and sweet dreams, diary!

Daily Schedule:

6:00 am – Wake up call
6:30 am – Yogasana session
7:00 am – Getting dressed for success
7:30 am – A healthy breakfast is served
8:00 am – Time for the morning addembly
8:30 am – Classes begin
10:30 am – Power break for fruits/juice
10:45 am – Classes continue
1:00 pm – Lunch Break
2:00 pm – Take a power nap
3:30 pm – Club activities
4:30 pm – Sports
6:00 pm – Astachal – Gaze the setting sun
6:30 pm – A scrumptious dinner is served
7:00 pm – Reading time
9:00 pm – Light’s out!


As the day ends, students climb a hill – spending the last part of the daylight meditating and reflecting on their learning from the day, under the gaze of the setting Sun.

On its own, Astachal is a very powerful concept – one that we think helps us become better human beings.