A Temple of Learning in the Foothills of Himalayas

The Plenum School campus is set up in Nahan, Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by a lush pine-tree forest, the co-ed, fully residential campus is designed to allow students to learn, practice and grow in to world leaders of tomorrow.

Our Vision – The Plenum Philosophy

The Plenum School envisions a better world through global education by inculcating in our students a learning attitude, an intellectual and reflective mindset and a balanced personality.
Our mission is to imbue young minds with Courage, Compassion and Integrity so that each student in our care exceeds his/her own potential.


From abundantly sunlit classrooms to top-in class science laboratories and sports infrastructure, The Plenum School has one of the finest school campuses in India. Plenum is also the first school that hosts accommodation or visiting parents.

  • Beautifully sunlit classrooms
  • Ergonomically design libraries
  • Safe and Modern laboratories
  • Common music, arts and design floor
  • Thorough IT connectivity.
  • Soccer, swimming pool, basketball, volleyball, skating and athletics fields
  • Upcoming Shooting Range
    Safe and Comfortable brand New Hostels, with constant house parent- teacher supervision and interaction
  • Astachal Hills and open-air Theaterfor daily Reflection.
  • Separate Entry/Exit for Boys and Girls
  • Immaculate, modern dining area serving multi cuisine meals
  • Tie-ups with leading hospitals for medical needs
  • On-premise doctor for serious cases
  • School ambulance
  • CCTV cameras in public areas, school perimeter and access gates
  • Smartly designed accommodation for parents


The Plenum School has accommodation for __ students, with separate hostels for boys and girls. These consist of world class dormitories that house ___ students each, within the close supervision of a house warden or matron. Our dormitories, designed in line with the school’s curriculum, allow students ample space to learn in peace, while simultaneously make close friends and relationships with their peers – a critical step in growing in to confident individuals who will take on the real world tomorrow.

Student Life

Plenum students live an immensely balanced life, with access to resources and amenities that most others would be envious of. Life at Plenum is suitably divided in to academics, sport and co-curriculars, while at the same time allowing students enough time to build life-skills and choose their lives’ goals.

The key highlights of a Plenum Student’s daily schedule are:

  • Astachal: A dedicated, undisturbed time at the end of daylight to reflect on the day’s learning, amidst the light of the setting sun.
  • Community Exposure: Working with local communities around the school to deploy education and create solutions for real world problems.
  • Inclusive experience: Learning about, and with, cultures from across India through dedicated, immersive exercises across the year.